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Not only the alluring amount of salary an aircrew gets but also the travel opportunities. Today you’re standing right in front of The Eiffel Tower and the next thing you know, you are taking pictures in front of The Great Wall. We have a list of salary estimate for various positions in the aviation industry.
We are constantly researching and updating our salary information, so check back with us every so often to get the latest salary, wage, and pay information for "New Hire" employees in the airline industry.

Hourly Rate Survey Report for Industry of Airline / Aviation FBO (United States):

Median Hourly Rate by Job:

Median Hourly Rate by Years Experience:

Median Hourly Rate by City:

If the salary and travel opportunities aren’t enough, being an aircrew you get to learn and experience cultures and traditions of the world. And of course, for those who are interested in land positions, there are also many benefits and packages that you can look forward to being pampered with.


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Hourly Rate Survey Report for Industry: Airline / Aviation FBO